Marine magnesium

The magnesium deficiencies are frequent because the body cannot produce this element which must imperatively be to him brought by the food. Magnesium contributes to the good performance of the nervous system: it helps with to fight the stress . If you feel more tired and irritable that usually, it is perhaps about a lack of magnesium!

Marine magnesium is extracted from sea salt and is presented in an easily assimilable form by the organization , contrary to other magnesium salts which are less better tolerated. Indeed, certain magnesium complements are not quite comparable and can generate intestinal disorders. Marine magnesium, enables him to benefit from the benefits of magnesium without undesirable side effects.

It is interesting to know that magnesium is often associated with the B6 vitamin in order to support its assimilation and its action on psychic balance.
Apart from the food supplements, marine magnesium is also present in fish and the seafood.

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