Swedish Elixir

The Elixir of the Swede is a remedy impossible to circumvent to stimulate the digestive functions. It makes wonder after a particularly heavy meal by relieving the heavinesses of stomach , thanks to its stimulative action on the liver. It is also a tonic remarkable which makes it possible to fight tiredness and to feel alarm during the day.

The Elixir of the Swede is resulting from a secular receipt made up of about fifty plants macerated in alcohol. This elixir contains in particular thériaque Venetian (complex mixture of medicinal herbs) whose composition goes back to the 2nd century before J-C. At the time modern, the Elixir of the Swede became again popular thanks to the famous Austrian herbalist Maria Treben who contributed to make it known.

Although the combination of plants used varies little, several versions of the Elixir of the Swede exist nevertheless with a degree of different alcohol. The Elixir of the Swede also exists in the form of balsam of external use. Applied to the skin, it supports the muscular flexibility and fights the stiffnesses, aches and others diminish. Is used it in addition to alleviate some cutaneous irritations .

Able to relieve of many evils, the Elixir of the Swede is regarded by much as a true panacea!

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