Essential oils

The aromatherapy consists in using the essential oils resulting from the aromatic plants for to treat pathologies and to improve your health and your wellness"'_nodisclaimer/_

This website contains a significant amount of informations. It is not a medical website. The exempted reflections, cannot in no case to replace a consultation in a doctor or a therapeutist that it returns to you to contact for your follow-up.

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General information : Essential oils

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The term “aromatherapy” indicates the use of essential oils resulting from the aromatic plants to treat pathologies and to improve its health and its wellness ._br/_EO, constituting the defense system of the plant, are mouthfuls of active ingredients which act on our psychic and physical balance._/div__div class="expand"_

How is an essential oil obtained?

The majority of essential oils are obtained by distillation by training with the steam under low pressure . The process consists in making cross by steam a tank filled with aromatic plants. On the outlet side of the tank of distillation and under controlled pressure, the steam enriched by essential oil crosses a serpentine where it condenses. At the exit, a essencier (formerly called vase Florentin) collects water and essential oil. The difference in density between the two liquids allows an easy separation of the essential oil collected by overflow. One thus extracts from a side essential oil (EO) and other floral water._br/__br/_ For the citrus fruits , one scrapes the fresh zest to recover the petrol on a natural sponge which one presses then to collect the petrol, one speaks then about cold expression. One then extracts a petrol and not an essential oil ._/div__div class="expand"_

Essential oils, how and why

oral Usage

Essential oils (EO) are mixed with a little honey or of vegetable oil, or taken on a sugar or a neutral tablet (1 to 2 drops on a maximum support 3 times per day). For this mode of use, it is essential to follow the indications prescribed by a doctor specialized in aromatherapy ._br/__br/_


Essential oils can be nebulized in an electric diffusion . The odor is very intense. This method allows to clean the atmosphere of any pathogenic germ ; it has a preventive and therapeutic effect._br/__br/_There exists also hot evaporation . A few drops of a pure essential oil deposited on a ceramics will evaporate quickly (5 to 10 minutes) according to the power of essential oil. This method makes it possible to heat oil carefully, which does not go to oxidize._br/__br/_There exist also the burn perfumes , but those, from their intense heat, involve the oxidation and thus the deterioration of essential oil. There is in this case no therapeutic action_br/__br/_


Either directly on a handkerchief, or by pouring a few drops of essential oil in an ebullient water bowl . The inhalation is an efficient way for release the respiratory tracts or to invigorate and clean the skin . Method disadvised with asthmatic and to the children of less than 7 years. Decrease the number recommended of drops for the children up to 11 years._br/__br/_


Pour about twenty drops (maximum) in a base for the bath or a full-cream milk soup spoon if possible. Under the action of warm water the pores dilate, which supports the penetration. To remain in bath 15 to 20 minutes. Important: pure essential oils are insoluble in water , always dilute them before adding them to the water of the bath._br/__br/_

In friction or massage

It is the softest way because the skin plays the part of filter. Oils are diluted in vegetable oil . To lay out vegetable oil in the hollow with the hand;_br/_
  • To add 7 drops (max) of essential oil (or petrol) or of a mixture of essential oils.
  • They are applied all the 3 - 4 hours (that is to say 3 times per day) to look after itself and once the evening in prevention.
  • For a body massage , the dilution of essential oil is of 5% per vegetable oil 95%. For a massage of the face , dilution is from 1 to 3%.


The use of essential oils in compresses gives good performances in local application to soften , to calm an ignition or to heal not very wide wounds . Put 4 to 5 drops in a bowl of warm water or tepid. To apply to:_br/_
  • the abdomen, for an action on the system digestifle solar plexus, for problems of nervousness and anguish
  • the inner face of the wrists or by rubbing the inner face of a wrist against the hollow of the opposed elbow, a general effect
  • along the spinal column, for all the problems affecting the autonomous nervous system
  • the thorax and top of the back, for the respiratory problems
  • compared to the problem or targeted body (for example, temples and the nape of the neck for a migraine)
  • the arch of the foot, when it acts young children.


To apply a few drops of essential oil to a small surface of skin (neck, temples, wrists,…), a little like a perfume._br/__br/__/div__div class="expand"_

Special precautions

Before testing one of essential oils proposed, it is imperative to make a preliminary test on the skin in order to determine a possible allergy to an unspecified product._br/__br/_“For that, to mix in a bowl 1 drops from essential oil and 1 drops of vegetable oil . To apply a little this preparation to the folding of the arm and to mass slightly. To cover with a bandage and to let act 24 hours. If you observe neither ignition, neither itching, nor red plate, you can use this oil without fear.”_br/__br/_
  • Not to use EO during the pregnancy , breast feeding and at the children of less than 3 years.
  • To use with precaution at the children, the people reached of epilepsy and in the event of heart problems. Only a doctor specialized in aromatherapy can take this responsibility.
  • Each one will have to always remember that certain essential, beneficial oils on short periods, can appear harmful in the event of prolonged use . It is thus imperative always to consult a specialist for the establishment in the diagnosis and the appreciation in gravity in pathology.
  • Not to put them in the eyes. If, by accident, the eye receives essential oil, soak a cotton with vegetable oil, this one will calm the ignition immediately.
  • Not to leave them close to children.
_br/__br/_ If, inadvertently, it sometimes happened to you to exceed the gram of essential oil (1/2ml) in only one catch, it is appropriate to follow the following instructions:_br/__br/_
  • To swallow 30 ml of any vegetable oil (dilution). Essential oils not mixing with water, it is consequently useless to drink much water to dilute them.
  • To take 2 to 4 charcoal tablets (absorption).
  • As of the digestive primary symptoms (nauseas, vomiting) or highly-strung person (turbid of the word, balance, giddinesses, inconsistency), it is necessary to consider a washing of stomach in a close hospital.In case of doubt, to telephone the Poisons center to obtain further information. (070245245 for Belgium) .
  • All the citrus fruits petrols are photosensitive. Avoid daylight after a cutaneous application.
  • Not to use them directly on the skin. To dilute in a vegetable or dispersing solution.
  • The aromatherapy in the children is very powerful on condition that scrupulously taking the advice of a aromathérapeute.
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Conservation and quality of essential oils


The duration of conservation of essential oils is limited to 3 years for the citrus fruits petrols and 5 years for the others . It is advised to store them with the expenses, safe from the light and of moisture out of well closed container._br/__br/_

The quality of essential oils

Most our oils come from the Organic farming. For products as concentrated as essential oils, it is desirable to use plants resulting from the Organic farming: indeed, in conventional agriculture, the plant undergoes several chemical treatments; the pesticides and the herbicides used concentrate in its petrol. Essential oils nonavailable in biological culture come from plants which push in a wild state in still protected zones._/div__div class="expand"_

Correct identification of an essential oil

The label must mention:

  • The Latin name (what makes it possible to distinguish the species and the kind).
  • The left the plant distilled : indeed the same plant can have various producing bodies. By the way of an example, for citrus fruits, the petrol comes from the cold expression of the zest, the small grain comes from the distillation of the sheet and the néroli of the distillation of the flower.
  • The chémotype or “chemical race” which is the molecule most characteristic of essential oil, that which will generate its dominant property.
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This website contains a significant amount of informations. It is not a medical website. The exempted reflections, cannot in no case to replace a consultation in a doctor or a therapeutist that it returns to you to contact for your follow-up.


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