Plant crawling of the South of Africa, Harpagophytum owes its nickname of “claw of the devil” with its fruits with the bent hooks which cling to all that passes to their range.

The African traditional pharmacopeia uses Harpagophytum for its properties anti-inflammatory drugs and in particular to relieve the arthritis . In fact the secondary roots of the harpagophytum (tubers sometimes being able to weigh more than 1 kg) are used in the form of dried powder.

Today, Harpagophytum is universally known for its positive effects on the articular pains and stiffnesses. One very frequently uses this plant to support the flexibility and the mobility of the articulations .

But Harpagophytum also has as a characteristic to improve elimination of the toxins of the organization. One thus resorts there sometimes at the time of cleansing cures (ex: détox of spring).

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