Guarana / Warana

Guarana is a red fruit with the white flesh coming from a shrub of Amazonia. The seeds of the fruit are ground in order to obtain a powder very rich in cafeine (also called “guaranine”). Guarana contains 2 to 3 times more cafeine than the grains of café.

Since always, the Indians use Guarana in their traditional pharmacopeia for his instigating effect. It was also consumed during the periods of food shortage, for better enduring the hunger.

Guarana allows to invigorate the body and the spirit. There helps to concentrate, remain vigilant, to memorize and fight tiredness or somnolence. Guarana is also an ingredient used for the preparation of certain food supplements thinness .

Guarana native, called “ Warana ” or “Guarana of the Grounds of origin”, is cultivated by the Sateré-Mawé Indians who were the first to discover the properties of this fruit.

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