Spirulina BIO

Spiruline is a blue microalga in form of spiral of the family of the cyanobacteries. Appeared there is more than one billion years, Spiruline pushes naturally in the lakes of the tropical areas. Weak in calories but very rich in nutrients, it was already used like food by the Aztec ones.

Spiruline is an exceptional source of plant proteins . These last can represent up to 70% of its dry weight, which is twice as much as soya and three times more than the meat or the poisson.

Spiruline is also highly concentrated in beta-carotene , vitamin E and vitamins of the group B. It in addition contains iron , phycocyanine (an antioxydant natural pigment), chlorophyl and a good quantity of gamma-linoleic acid (Omega 6). This nutritive wealth makes of Spiruline a “ Super food ” very much used in nutritional complementation.

Source of energy , Spiruline is appropriate for all (children, women, elderly people, sportsmen…) and can help to find vitality in period of convalescence or attenuation thanks to its action on immunity. It is also used in support for thinning.

The food values of Spiruline can however vary according to the place, the method of culture and transformation. It is advised to support the spiruline of organic quality, cultivated in an environment without pollution. Spiruline is consumed in the form of tablets, of powder or capsules.

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