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The bees are marvellous allied health which gather in their hive not less than four beneficial substances:

Genuine liquid gold produced starting from the nectar of the flowers, honey has outstanding food values and energy, quite useful to invigorate the fragile people. Applied to the skin, honey alleviates and facilitates the regeneration of fabrics. Its known antibacterial properties since Antiquity also make of it a component of choice for the remedies anti-cooling.

Did you know? The honey of Manuka , collected by the bees in New Zealand on a shrub cousin of the tea-tree, has a protective action and disinfectant higher than that of other honeies. One uses especially the honey of in-house Manuka to cleanse sphere ORL.

The bees manufacture also the royal Jello . This substance intended for the queen of the hive is at the origin of its exceptional longevity. Its secrecy? Its extraordinary wealth of nutrients, trace elements and B5 vitamin. The royal Jello brings tonicity and vitality during the time of physical or nervous tiredness. Its stimulative action on immunizing defenses makes it impossible to circumvent in the event of winter cure intended to prevent the infections.

The bees also collect the Pollen , composed of tiny grains intended for the reproduction of the flowers. Pollen is very rich on the nutritional level. It supports physical and intellectual vitality. The people allergic to seasonal pollen can consume some in order to desensitize gradually.

Lastly, the Propolis is a substance produced by the bees to protect the hive from the microbes and mushrooms. Composed of resins, waxes and secretions coming from the bees, Propolis contains more than 300 nutrients. Already used by the Greeks and the Romans in their traditional pharmacopeia, Propolis is at the same time antibacterial, disinfectant and antioxydant. One uses it in external application on the wounds, the warts… The propolis is also consumed to reinforce natural defenses and to prevent the respiratory infections.

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