You know that the iron deficiency (tiredness, pale dye, breakable hair, difficulties of concentration…) is one of the most frequent deficiencies in France? The women are more particularly touched by these problems, but we all can be concerned.

Floradix is a remedy conceived to offer a to you contribution out of iron whose assimilation by the organization is optimized grace the presence of vitamin C . Iron takes part in the good performance of the immune system and the maintenance of the cognitive functions. Floradix also contains a combination of plants which make it possible to entreat the traditional effects of an iron supplement (constipation,…).

Thanks to Floradix, you naturally find your energy and your vitality . Equipped with a pleasant fruit juice taste, Floradix contains neither alcohol neither dye nor conservative. Floradix is a remedy developed by the Salus company, rested by the German doctor Otto Greither (1867-1930).

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