Ginseng BIO

The Ginseng is a medicinal herb impossible to circumvent in Asia, where this “root of long life” is also consumed like a food. The generic name of the Ginseng is “Panax Ginseng” and refers to the French word “panacea”. Indeed, the Ginseng is regarded by much as “a universal cure”.

The Ginseng acts like a general stimulant and makes it possible to support the physical and intellectual performances effectively. It is used to fill the tank with vitality in the periods of general tiredness or exhaustion.

One generally distinguishes the “white Ginseng” (simply cleaned and dried root) from the “red Ginseng” (root treated beforehand with the vapor). The red Ginseng is most tonic and will be used for an immediate result. The effect of the white Ginseng is more progressive but acts more in-depth. The red Ginseng is also regarded as an aphrodisiac and is used at the man to act on the erection disorders.

Attention, to become ripe and to acquire all its qualities, the root of ginseng should not be collected before at least 6 years. It is in addition advised to support the remedies containing of the Ginseng of quality Bio , thoroughly controlled, rich in active ingredients.

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