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The right amount of herbs to prepare oneself his elixir of Swedish. He acts on fatigue and digestion, helps strengthen the immune system and relieves strains, sprains, bites, bruises and bumps.

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Basic herbs to make your own elixir

Herbs that you have proposed here are enough to make your elixir with 1.5 liters of alcohol at 40 degrees.

The Elixir of Swedish is an authentic liqueur traditionally composed of 59 plants and natural substances. Much of the formula of Elixir Swedish comes from the flourishing period of the Middle Ages.

This is a digestive liqueur in the noble sense of the term. It is best to use low-dose (1/2 tsp / day). The Elixir of Swedes contains treacle, royal and imperial preparation, as created by Mithridates (2nd century BC.), Transformed by Andromache, and modified over time according to the progress of research.

Theriac is a complex mixture of medicinal plants. Venice has long had the secret of its preparation, hence its name.

The Venetian treacle is the catalyst of the Swedish Elixir, she corrects, softens the action of other plants with powerful virtues, increases under several others and is the ingredient that unites all components of Elixir .

The Elixir of Swedish is rich many bitter plants. These include rhubarb, angelica, aloe, saffron.


  • It is a general tonic, it acts as a "back" by releasing the energy expended against fatigue and put it at the service of the development of each employee's potential.
  • As digestive it widely opens the way to work digestion and contributes to the smooth functioning of intestinal transit.
  • As purifying, it cleans the body of toxins remained blocked by a sedentary lifestyle. and allows the body to better absorb vitamins and food trace elements while strengthening the natural defenses, cornerstone of good health.
  • Applied externally, it is recommended compresses (arthritis, strains, sprains, etc ...), gargling (sore throat), local application in its pure state (wounds, bites, hits, etc ..).
Source: European Federation of Herbalism.


Put all together in alcohol products, marinate at least 3 weeks, then strain.

Then: 10 to 15 drops per day, between meals, as required.


Aloe bulk tear myrrh, saffron stigma around, senna leaves, Chinese rhubarb root, zédoaire root, carline root, tear manna, angelica root, camphor, pourde of treacle.


100g of herbal sachets for 1.5 liters of alcohol

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    This website contains a significant amount of informations. It is not a medical website. The exempted reflections, cannot in no case to replace a consultation in a doctor or a therapeutist that it returns to you to contact for your follow-up.


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