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Aromandise is a French brand of organic teas and herbal teas as well as herbs and instant herbal drinks. Aromandise defends, makes known and appreciate the knowledge and products of the world, in the fields of the art of living and well-being. The company designs and distributes authentic and meaningful products. She practices her activities with active respect for ecology and social and cultural equity.

Aromandise is born from the contraction of two words: aromas and greediness .

The brand's identity expresses the pleasure of working with plants that feast on their flavors, flavors and benefits. The slogan of the brand, "The sources of well-being ", is an invitation to travel and personal discoveries, to the opening to the world of well-being and the art of living.

Aromandise also designs, develops and distributes products under the following brands: Incense of the World, Hildegard of Bingen and Essential Oil Crystals .

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  • BIO
    X-Stress - Animaux
  • PlaqueOff Dental Croq' - Chiens
    -20% Henné Blond doré - emballage abîmé
  • Spray nasal doux

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