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Dietary supplement specialist for your daily health, Diet Horizon aims the excellent to offer you products of optimal quality, at the best possible price. His mission: to rebalance each organ of the body using what nature offers .

Diet Horizon dietary supplements are based on scrupulously selected natural ingredients, giving priority to biological materials . From the raw material to the finished product, each production step is subject to microbiological, oranoleptic and physicochemical scrutiny to ensure optimal safety .

With a Research Center, Diet Horizon works every day to develop innovative formulas with precise and optimal doses in plants and vitamins. Diet Horizon mainly uses standardized plant extracts to ensure a constant dosage of active ingredients. All ingredients are guaranteed without irradiating treatment.

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  • BIO
    Masque Cuir chevelu détox purifiant
  • Savon d'Alep Laurier 30%
  • Savon pain d'Alep au Soufre Purifiant
    Thym vulgaire à thujanol - Perles d'huile essentielle

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