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SAN is a Belgian laboratory specialized in probiotics of human origin . According to WHO (World Health Organization), the official definition of probiotics are " living micro-organisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantity, have positive health effects, beyond the traditional nutritional effects ".

Unlike probiotic strains of animal origin, the probiotic ferments Human Specific of the SAN laboratory are already part of our intestinal flora and are therefore naturally adapted and perfectly tolerated by our body.

SAN's "good" Human Specific Bacteria attach quickly to the intestinal mucosa and resist gastric acid and bile, giving them exceptional efficacy.

Probiotics each have original properties such as maintaining and restoring the intestinal flora when taking antibiotics, eliminating the bacteria responsible for ulcers, producing antimicrobial substances and antibiotics, improving dental health by eliminating bovine flora bacteria responsible for caries, but also inhibit the growth of other pathogens and lower the pH of the intestines.

The probiotic products of the SAN laboratory are controlled and authorized by AFSCA, AFSSA and AESAN . They are registered, notified and a total traceability on the origin of the used strains is guaranteed by the laboratory. SAN probiotics are also guaranteed without additives, preservatives, gluten, lactose, ... Ferments and probiotics SAN do not require conservation in the refrigerator.

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