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Nutrivie is a brand of natural food supplements belonging to the French company Abiocom. Leveraging the strength of Nature and its exceptional resources, Nutrivie's ambition is to offer high-performance natural solutions that meet everyone's needs (stress, sleep, joint comfort, thinness, etc.).

Certified organic for a good part of them, Nutrivie nutritional supplements are formulated from natural ingredients selected among the essential of herbal medicine , such as turmeric.

NutriVie nutritional supplements are manufactured in France , thus promoting local employment and reducing the carbon footprint. Benefiting from an excellent quality / price ratio, Nutrivie products strictly meet the European directives and guarantee a total control of the chain of production.

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    -20% Sirop Propolis Junior - Emballage Abîmé
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    Lotion hydroalcoolique pour les surfaces
    -20% Propolettes Sauge - DLV 30-08-2020
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