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Germany's leader in foot, leg and joint care, Allga San has developed its range of treatments around a key asset: Alpine pine essential oil that promotes blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and deodorants.

In our current society, the overwork of the feet because of inappropriate shoes and the deformations (ex: flat feet) are factors which can cause the appearance of certain problems such as corns and calluses .

Balm, foot bath, repair cream, ... Allga San products provide an effective and natural response to these concerns, so that your feet find comfort and freshness in everyday life.

Allga San has its own alpine pine plantations in "Allgäu", the Alps located in southwestern Germany. Instead of pesticides, Allga San favors the presence of natural predators (owls, bats, weasels ...) to protect plantations. Each part of the tree is valued because sawdust and pine chips are used as a means of heating for the distillation of the essential oil.

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