Pink salt mill organic Spirit of Freshness BIO, part

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This mill contains a mixture of salt of the Himalayas and aromatic spices (ginger, lemon, coriandre) fresh and tasty to record savor of your dishes.

Your artful thrust in kitchen!

The mixture Esprit Freshness is formulated containing pink salt of the Himalayas, a sea salt which settled in the ocean there is more than 200 million years, before the movements of the Earth's crust do not push it on the buttresses of the Himalayas, where the mineral infiltrations conferred its extraordinary pink color to him.

The mixture Spirit Freshness Marie with brilliance the subtle savor of the pink salt of the Himalayas with four spices organic resulting from the organic farming:
- the ginger to raise the taste,
- the pink , soft and sweetened bay,
- the lemon-yellow for its freshness,
- the coriandre , very aromatic.

Esprit Fraîcheur is a fresh and goûteux mixture which brings freshness and character to the jumped fish, Tartars, marinades and dishes .


Transparent mill having an unbreakable stainless steel mechanism which makes it possible to grind with the size which is appropriate to you.


Pink salt of the Himalayas, bay rose*, gingembre*, coriandre*, lemon* (in variable proportion).
*ingredients resulting from the organic farming (7.5%).


Transparent mill in a case in carton.
Poids Net: 80 G.

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