Draining Cellulifit, 500 ml

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Cellulifit Draineur contains grape marc to help to reduce the aspect of the cellulitis and guarana to burn greases.

Draining Drink

Cellulifit Draineur is a complex of 16 active ingredients including 10 extracts of plants, 4 macerats of buds and 2 essential oils. Thanks to its unique combination of active ingredients, Cellulifit Draineur will allow you:
  • To reduce the aspect of the cellulitis and to refine your figure thanks to the grape marc.
  • To reduce storage and to burn greases while luting against the orange peel thanks to the guarana and the garcinia.
  • To eliminate the excess waters thanks to the action draining from the dandelion.


Take 1 stopper of 40 ml per day, to dilute in water glass.


Ingredients: water, glycerin, sap of birch, cider dry vinegar extract, fluid extract of centella, extracted fluid from guarana, extracted dry from papaw, dry extract of grape marc, fluid extract of queen of the meadows, dry extract of desmodium, fluid extract of dandelion, dry extract of garcinia, macerat glycerol-coated of buds of birch, macerat glycerol-coated of starts-up of raspberry cane, macerat glycerol-coated of buds of chestnut, macerat glycerol-coated of buds of hazel tree, essential lemon oil, essential oil of cypress, conservative: sorbate of potassium, acidifier: acid citric.

Is appropriate to the vegetarians.

Composition for 40 ml:
Sap of birch (Betula pendula)1750 Mg
Dry extract of garcinia (Garcinia cambodgia)
Ratio 4/1
1500 Mg
Dry papaw extract (Carica papaya)
Ratio 3/1
1400 Mg
Adds vinegar to apple cider (Prunus malus)900 Mg
Fluid extract of centella (Centella asiatica780 Mg
Fluid extract of guarana (Paullinia cupana)540 Mg
Dry extract of desmodium (Desmodium adscendens)
Ratio 4/1
440 Mg
Dry extract of grape marc (Vitis vinifera)
Ratio 10/1
200 Mg
Fluid extract of queen of the meadows (Spirea ulmaria)160 Mg
Fluid extract of possenlit (Taraxacum officinale)80 Mg
Glycerol-coated Macerat of buds of birch (Betula pubescens)15 Mg
Glycerol-coated Macérat of starts-up of raspberry cane (Rubus idaeus)15 Mg
Glycerol-coated Macerat of buds of chestnut (Corylus sativa)15 Mg
Glycerol-coated Macerat of buds of hazel tree (Corylus avellana)15 Mg
Essential lemon oil (Citrus limon)15 Mg
Essential oil of cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)4 Mg

Special precautions

  • This product is not a drug and cannot replace a varied food mode.
  • Not to exceed the amount by day recommended.
  • Pregnant women or nursing, to ask consulting to your doctor.
  • To carefully maintain closed in a fresh place, safe from moisture.
  • To hold out of reach of young children.


Bottle out of plastic (500 ml) and stopper-doseur.
Diet Horizon

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