Magnum Omega 3, 60 capsules

from Be-Life
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Contributes to normal cardiac function - DHA contributes to good brain function

Coming on stock

Contributes to normal cardiac function - DHA contributes to good brain function


  • rich in EPA and DHA, which contribute to good circulation.
  • DHA is also called cervonic acid.
  • DHA helps to maintain a normal cholesterol level.
  • DHA helps maintain good eyesight.
The effect is obtained by daily consumption of 250 mg of DHA.


  • Circulation
  • Détox
  • Memory, cerebral vitality
  • Stress, tiredness, sleep


1 to 2 capsules by day, with the meal.


By capsule:
  • Omega 3 min. 35%: fish oil: 1000mg
  • Natural Vit.E (D? tocopherol): 15mg
  • Capsule:
- gelatine: approximately 235mg- glycerin: approximately 100mgWithout addition of: lactose, saccharose, starch, salt.Neither gluten contains, nor yeast.The fishes from which the fatty-acids Be-life are extracted result from controlled peaches.

Special precautions

  • Only according to the opinion of a therapeutist in the cases of treatment comprising of the coumarin anticoagulants type.
  • Not to exceed 5g/jour EPA + DHA.
  • To preserve at dryness and the ’ shelter of the sun.
  • Ideal temperature of storage: 15-25 °C.
  • To respect the amounts advised day labourers.
  • Cannot replace a healthy and balanced food


Ecological packing.
Pot (out of paperboard biodegradable and which can be recycled, plastic lid which can be recycled) of 60 capsules
Pot out of paperboard: no plastic migration in the contents.
BioLife laboratory

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