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Located in Germany near Freiburg on the edge of the Black Forest National Park, Hübner produces innovative health products that combine traditional recipes with natural ingredients with the latest scientific discoveries to ensure quality and efficiency for the whole family .

The history of Hübner began in 1936 with the acquisition of the license to manufacture the "Tannenblut", a remedy based on medicinal herbs and fir honey, intended to soothe the respiratory diseases suffered by textile workers in the world. dusty air of the workshops.

In 1969, the pharmaceutical retailer Wilhelm Oberle bought the company Hübner and the brand is enriched with new products, including the SILICIEA range based on silicon .

Silicon is the most abundant element on earth, after oxygen. The quartz sand from the mines of the Black Forest contains naturally. This essential mineral for all living beings is at the same time a trace element and a structuring element. Silicea silica gel is made from 100% mineral silica finely dispersed in water by a process unique in the world developed by Hübner to allow optimal absorption by the body .

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    -20% Eucalyptus mentholé (Eucalyptus dives) - sans Emballage
    Gommage Hydratant éclat du teint
    Fruits des bois
    -20% Sirop Miel de Manuka/Propolis/Guarana DLU 21/11/2020

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