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Brand created by an Italian botanist - Dr Marcello Rocca - Henna Shiraz encompasses a range of 100% vegetable powder preparations certified BIO ICEA Italy. Shiraz's Henna products are inspired by the traditional beauty recipes of Shiraz, cradle of ancient Persia.

The roots of the plants are crushed to create dye powders (the best known is henna) and are mixed to obtain a range of color with varied reflections. Shiraz Henna powders do not contain any chemical additives.

Henna Shiraz offers 100% vegetable colorations that bring sheathing and volume to the hair. The colorings respect the hair by depositing the pigments on the outside of the hair fiber. With this process of wrapping, the henna does not alter the structure of the hair : it colors it by transparency.

The reasons why you risk cracking for henna Shiraz?
• Absence of pesticides, plants are from wild cultures
• Henna brings subtle reflections
• The hair comes out bright and voluminous
• The scalp is healthy and reduces dandruff.

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