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Biolys herbal teas are made by the laboratory Tilman, Belgian specialist of the medicinal plant for fifty years and one of the most modern laboratories and best equipped in Europe.

Biolys herbal teas are produced from organically grown plants , grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, in a natural environment and protected from any source of pollution. Certification by Certisys guarantees plants grown according to a production method that respects the environment, natural resources and biodiversity.

Combining benefits, quality and pleasure, Biolys herbal teas contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and the flavors used are 100% natural. Each Biolys herbal tea is conceived as a natural solution to safely and effectively take care of everyday health concerns (digestion, winter sickness, circulation, ...).

Which Biolys herbal tea for you? Discover it here with our comparative table of herbal teas.

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