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The Canadian brand Attitude reassuring cleaning products , that is, products that are 100% safe for your family and the planet.

Indeed, when one becomes aware of the wonders of nature and the interdependence of men, one becomes more critical of the products one uses. The desire to use what is best for one's family and for the planet is born.

This is why Attitude household products offer an efficiency equivalent to that of industrial products, but without the pollution of chemical ingredients ( no carcinogens, no endocrine disruptors ...). Attitude cleaning products are hypoallergenic, vegan certified and not tested on animals.

The result of constant research and curiosity for nature, the Attitude range is also produced using renewable energies.

The Attitude logo represents an inukshuk , a small building made of stones in perfect balance and evoking a human form. Inuit peoples used these buildings as landmarks to indicate the nearest village. For Attitude, the inukshuk represents a guide to the right path, while evoking the interdependence of men.

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  • BIO
    Gingembre - Perles d'huile essentielle
  • BIO
    Citronnier - Perles d'huile essentielle
  • A.N.D. 104 Force et dynamisme
  • BIO
    Dolagic - gel surconcentré articulaire

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