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Originally, Amanprana was created by Bart Maes in order to treat his daughter with serious problems of concentration and an allergy to cocoa. After this personal experience, B. Maes then wanted to develop an activity in order to put his new knowledge of nutrition at the service of all.

" My food is my medicine ", is the motto of Amanprana, inspired by Hippocrates and resulting from the observation that the Western evils are mainly caused by the food and the way of life. Refining foods, for example, removes a large portion of the minerals, fiber and vitamins they contain, causing them to lose their initial vitality.

Conversely, AmanPrana products are subject to the minimum of possible treatments in order to preserve the whole. The brand never resorts to the use of isolated substances, whether chemical or made by nature.

Amanprana products are organic and vegetable quality . They are intended to support and strengthen our vital force in a serene way, without harming our body or our mind. In short: gently, without excess.

In Sanskrit (the classical Indian written language) ' aman ' also means peace or rest, while ' prana ' refers to the life force. Hence the serene vital force, embodied by the elephant which is the emblem of the brand.

Amanprana also ensures that it uses healthy, environmentally friendly packaging and prefers glass to plastic (better for the environment, health and taste).

Amanprana products are :
- always lactose-free, gluten-free (except wheat germ)
- always organic, vegetarian, vegan
- always without chemical preservatives, perfumes, flavor enhancers or dyes.

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    -30% Gynea wipes freshness
    -20% Nutricolor 6.0 Blond Tobacco
  • BIO
    X-Stress - Animaux
  • BIO
    A.N.D. 107 Equilibre intestinal

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