Female Energy BIO, 17 sachets

from Yogi Tea
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Hibiscus, sheets of raspberry cane, root of angelica… This ayurvedic infusion celebrates female energy.

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The female force

The women carry the whole world in them. Is there something of more powerful? The force of the women is subtle, related on the natural beauty and the intuition.
Female energy is an enthusiastic infusion and in an alive delicious way thanks to the fruity hibiscus, with the sheets of raspberry cane and the extract of root of angelica.


This ayurvedic infusion is neutral on the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).


  • Hibiscus:
    The marsh mallow, also called hibiscus, was already used as medicinal herb in Greece millenia ago. Its Greek name is besides Althaea which means “I cure”.
  • Ginger:
    Used for more than 3000 years in the Far East as medicinal herb and aromatic, the ginger has had a prickly and fruity taste but also of many vitamins, essential oil and invaluable minerals.
  • angelica Root:
    Angelica, pertaining to the family of apiacees, pushes close to the rivers, the lakes and in the wet meadows. The bees appreciate its aromatic odor and the human ones like its sweetened savor. In France, the root of angelica is also sometimes called root of the Holy Spirit.


Pour 250 ml of ebullient water on the bag and let infuse 7 minutes, or longer for a stronger taste.


Hibiscus* (38%), liquorice*, peppermint*, sheets of raspberry cane*, black pepper*, extracted from root of angelica, cannelle*, ginger*, cardamome*, nails of clove*.
* Organic farming.

Special precautions

Liquorice contains - the people suffering from hypertension must avoid any excessive consumption.


17 bags.
Yogi Tea

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