Défenses Naturelles BIO, 17 sachets

from Yogi Tea
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Containing echinacée and of natural vitamin C, this ayurvedic infusion supports the natural mechanism of defense of the organization.

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A delicious mid-sized to support your natural defenses

During the change of season, your immune system needs sometimes a small nudge in the right direction. It is the ideal moment to offer an infusion cup to you Défenses naturelles.
In this infusion, the soft-bitter savor of échinacée is accompanied by fruity aromatic basil and elderberries. The vitamin C, natural and invaluable of the acerola, supports the mechanisms of defense of the organism.
The subtle message of this infusion “is well protected”


This infusion is neutral on Kapha, increases Vata and Pitta.


  • Echinacee:
    Fleur of the family of asteracees, echinacee pushes in a wild state in North America. The Indians already appreciated it for its medicinal virtues.
  • Acerola:
    Mouthful of nutrients, this cherry of bright red color pushes mainly in South America and Jamaica. With approximately 1,700 Mg by 100 G, its content of vitamin C is highest among all the known varieties of fruit and vegetables (nearly 37 times more than oranges).
  • Cynorrhodon:
    The cynorrhodon belongs to the family of rosacees and contains 5 times more vitamins C than lemon. Its fruits have a slightly bitter and sweetened taste. They contain fruit acids, minerals, iron as well as vitamins A, B, E, P and K.
  • Basilic:
    Basil or “royal medicinal herb” as called it the old Greeks arrived to Northern Europe at the 12th century. Its flavor in a delicious way spiced is sublimely emphasized in the Mediterranean kitchen, but also in coldly prepared infusions.
  • Berry of elder tree:
    Consumed since nearly 6000 years, the elderberries are rich in essential nutrients. Reason for which they were used in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages for their excellent medicinal properties. The elderberries contain an important rate of vitamins C and A as well as iron, zinc and essential oils.
  • Moringa:
    Originating in the Himalayas, Moringa is a genuine “magic tree”. Moringa contains one of many nutrients, iron, calcium, proteins, the vitamin C and antioxydants.
  • Cinnamon:
    Cinnamon was part of the most expensive spices in the world and would already seem to be used in China like spice and medicinal remedy 3,000 years before J.C. Cinnamon comes from the bark of the cinnamon-tree of South Asia, its taste aromatiquement is on a aromatic way sweetened and it contains, in addition to tannins, an invaluable essential oil.
  • Ginger:
    Used for more than 3000 years in the Far East as medicinal herb and aromatic, the ginger has had a prickly and fruity taste but also of many vitamins, essential oil and invaluable minerals.
  • Cardamome:
    It is one of the most popular spices of Asia and of the Arab countries. Its flavor pricking and delicate makes a spice adapted particularly well of it to spice many dishes going of the curries more the prickles with spiced pastry makings of Christmas. Moreover, its essential oil and its other important nutrients make cardamome one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the world.
  • black pepper:
    “King of spices”, the black pepper is originating in the Malabar Coast in India. Its intensely scented taste varies the slightly prickly one with prickly. In traditional ayurvedic medicine, the black pepper is not solely advised for the seasoning, but also like medicinal remedy because of its invaluable active ingredients.
  • Hibiscus:
    The marsh mallow, also called hibiscus, was already used as medicinal herb in Greece millenia ago. Its Greek name is besides Althaea which means “I cure”.
  • cocoa Bark:
    The bark of the fruit of the cacao-tree has a as soft and sweetened savor as the broad bean itself, while containing much less calories.
  • Liquorice:
    Liquorice is known since antiquity like medicinal herb. It contains a sweetener 50 times more powerful than sugar. Its taste is soft, intense and slightly bitter.
  • Fennel:
    The fennel is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known in the world. He belongs to the family of the umbellifers and is snuffed since millenia in the whole world for his intense flavor. The fennel has a sweetened spiced savor which points out anise somewhat.


For 200 ml of ebullient water on the bag and let infuse 5 minutes or longer if you wish a stronger taste.


Echinacee* (25%), cynorrhodon*, juice of acerola dryed* (14%), basilic*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cardamome*, bays of sureau* (4%),black pepper *, moringa*, hibiscus*, barks of cocoa*, liquorice*, fennel*.
* Organic farming.


17 bags.
Yogi tea

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