Terms & conditions of the fidelity program

1. Acquisition of the fidelity points

Each € spent (computed on the paid final amount, except costs carriage) = 1 fidelity points.

2. Lifetime of the fidelity points

Each point is valid 1 year from its date of acquisition.

3. Conversion of the fidelity points

The Fidelity program understands the following stages of conversion :

100 points = 1.50€ of voucher*
200 points = 5.00€ of voucher*
300 points = 10.00€ of voucher*
400 points = 15.00€ of voucher*
500 points = 20.00€ of voucher*
600 points = 25.00€ of voucher*
700 points = 30.00€ of voucher*

*The discout is applicable on any command as of 1.00€ of purchases (except costs carriage).

Two possibilities to convert your points into code of reduction :
- in your customer account, via the button "My fidelity".
- in your shopping cart, before starting the ordering process.

4. Lifetime of the fidelity discount

Any code obtained by conversion of fidelity points is valid 1 month. Codes not used within this period can not be extended, reimbursed or reconverted into fidelity points.
The codes of fidelity voucher is not cumulable with others promotional codes.

5. Refundings

Refundings are always done in the form of purchase order.
The refunding of an article will cause the cancellation of the fidelity points acquired thanks to this purchase amount.
The refunding of an article acquired thanks to a fidelity discount will be done on the basis of paid net amount (after discount). The points of fidelity corresponding will not be recredities on the account.

6. Responsibility

Aroma-Zen is exonerated from any responsibility concerning the direct consequences or indirect for the possible anomalies and abnormal operations for the Program fidelity, whatever their causes. Aroma-Zen begins nevertheless to make any possible sound to preserve at each customer the benefit of his office plurality of fidelity points in the event of abnormal operation.
In the event of dispute of the cumulated amount, only the contained information in the Aroma-zen.com database will be taken.

7. Duration and modification of the fidelity program

Aroma-zen reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Fidelity Program, subject to having informed the members by e-mail within a month.
In the event of a definitive termination of the program, no member may appeal against Aroma-zen for any reason whatsoever. No modification or cancellation will entitle the participant to compensation.
In the event of termination of the Program, members who have collected the sufficient number of points may use these points under the conditions then in force and for a period not exceeding three months from the termination of the Program.


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