Vitality Mix BIO, 250 g

from Purasana
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The Vitality Mix contains 7 super foods (Guarana, maca, spirulina ...) that bring you iron, folic acid, selenium, chromium and vitamin B.

On stock

The Vitality Mix contains 7 super foods (Guarana, maca, spirulina ...) that bring you iron, folic acid, selenium, chromium and vitamin B.

Super Food: Mix Vitality, ideal for an active lifestyle
Mix Vitality is a mixture of 7 “super food”: powders bays of açai, lucuma, guarana, maca, cocoa, spiruline and powders of wheat grass.This mixture naturally contains a high content of nutritive elements. One can thus really speak about “super food”.Mix Vitality brings its benefits to the body and the spirit. It is appropriate perfectly for a healthy and active lifestyle.Mix Vitality is rich in iron, folic acid, selenium, chromium and B.Il vitamins also contains guaranine of the guarana, which functions coma cafeine but with a prolonged and more regular effect.


“Super Food” of Purasana are pure food resulting from cereals, plants, algae, seeds, bays, fruits, vegetables…They are naturally rich in essential nutrients and phytonutriments, like food fibers, the fatty-acids (omega 6/3/9), the proteins, the vitamins, the minerals, the essential amino-acids, the enzymes, the antioxydants, chlorophyl…Purasana proposes to you a selection of “Super Food” the most known and used, in the form of powder, of seeds or broad beans.All were selected for their excellent quality and their biological origin: they are without pesticides, chemical products, agent of load, dye, aromatizing, preserving or any other type of synthetic or artificial additive.Why eat “Super Food”?The simplistic exploitation of the agricultural lands, the recourse to artificial manures and many other factors of any kind deteriorate the nutritional value of many cultures as regards essential nutrients and phytonutriments.It is recommended to consume as many food believed and varied that possible to withdraw from them all the nutrients necessary.Super Food constitute for this purpose the perfect and natural complement.Reason for which they gain in popularity and are used by a growing number of people.


Some suggestions:
   Add your mix of Super Food to fruit smoothies, milk, milk of soja/de riz/de hazel nuts….
   Add 1 pinch of Super Food on your dishes, desserts, sauces, pastry makings, muesli, yoghourts…
Dare to test, are creative, because the possibilities are infinite. Follow your tastes and your preferences.


Super Food are appropriate for everyone: older young people and, student, employees, blue-collar workers, sporting amateurs and conscious high level sportsmen that their body requires pure nutrients, perfectly assimilable and natural to maintain a balance physical and mental healthy.


You can mix your Mix of Super Food with the Super Purasana Fruits.


Informations nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g:
  • valeur énergétique: 314,13 kcal/ 1316,3 kJ
  • graisses: 5,08g
  • glucides: 26,71g
  • protéines: 18,44g
  • fibres: 17,55g
  • sodium: 146,5mg
  • acide folique: 145µg (73% AJR)
  • zinc: 2,25mg (23% AJR)
  • fer: 10,64mg (76% AJR)
  • potassium: 725mg (36% AJR)
  • manganèse: 0,37mg (19% AJR)
  • chrome: 12.5mg (31% AJR)
  • phosphore: 187,2mg (27% AJR)
  • chlorophylle: 225mg
  • calcium: 150mg (19% AJR)
  • vitamine B1-thiamine: 0,63mg (57% AJR)
  • vitamine B2-riboflavine: 0,84mg (60% AJR)
  • vitamine B12: 3,75µg (150% AJR)
  • vitamine K: 13,12µg (18% AJR)
  • vitamine E: 0,5mg (16,6% AJR)
  • sélénium: 37,5µg (68% AJR)
  • bêta-carotène: 32,5mg
  • inositol: 10mg
  • zeaxanthine: 26,25mg
  • caféine: 262,5mg
  • AJR = Apport Journalier Recommandé


100% powder organic maca, bays of açai, lucuma, spiruline, cocoa and wheat grass.Cafeine contains.Without pesticides, chemical substances, dyes, agents of loads, aromatizing, conservatives nor any other type of synthetic or artificial additive.

Special precautions

  • Disadvised with the children and the pregnant women.
  • This product is not a substitute with a varied food and a healthy lifestyle.*
  • To close again well after each use and to preserve at dryness.


Bag 250g
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