Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) BIO, 30 ml

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The essential oil of vetiver, with the aroma musky and musky, stimulates the immunity, favors the circulation and is used in cosmetic for the dry skins, irritated ...

Essential oil of Vetiver: soothes the stress, strengthens the natural defenses, ...

Vetiver is a tropical grass that grows in the West Indies, the islands of the Indian Ocean or in the Far East. With a thick consistency, the essential oil extracted from its roots is sometimes amber, sometimes dark brown. Its aroma is intensely earthy, musky, smoky, strongly suggestive of root and tropical humus.


  • Botanical family of poaceae or grasses
  • Latin name: Vetiveria zizanoides
On the psycho-emotional level, Vetiver essential oil is anti-stress, it promotes rooting and helps to become aware of the "here and now".


The essential oil of Vetiver:
  • stimulates in case of weakened immunity
  • promotes circulation (arterial, venous and lymphatic tonic)
  • promotes hormonal balance (endocrine tonic, emmenagogue, soothes premenstrual tension)
  • is beneficial for the skin (eczema, dry or irritated skin, ...).
  • is repulsive for many insects (eg mites).


Essential oil of Vetiver ( Vetiveria zizanoides ).
Family of poaceae or grasses.
Distilled part: root.
From certified organic farming: Certisys-BE1 control.


Bottle of 30 ml.

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