Phyto Anti-ticks and Fleas, 20 ml

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Phyto Anti-ticks and Fleas, 20 ml

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Phyto Phyto Anti-tick and flea-Mate is a complex of essential oils repellent against ticks and fleas in dogs and cats.

Phyto Anti-Ticks and Fleas: to fight against pests

This 100% natural repellent Phyto-Mate fight against the invasion of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes on your pet. Moreover, Pyto Anti-flea and tick prevention acts against piroplasmosis and leishmaniasis.


  • Neem oil (originally from India) obtained by cold pressing, this oil contains powerful active agents which act both preventively by removing the different parasites than curative interrupting their growth and reproduction.
  • Essential Tea Tree Oil (Australia origin) obtained by distillation by stripping with steam of Melaleuca alternifolia of leafy twigs. This essential oil has anti-parasitic action and potent anti-fungal.
  • Citronella essential oil (Indonesia home) obtained by distillation by steam distillation of water from the aerial parts of Cymbopogon, it is used here as a repellent mosquito vectors of leishmaniasis and its pleasant smell.
  • Essential oil of geranium (Egypt origin) obtained by distillation by stripping with steam leaves Pelargonium graveolens is an antiparasitic and antibacterial very broad spectrum and potent action. It also reinforces here the essential action of citronella oil against mosquitoes.
  • Essential oil of lavender (Provence origin) obtained by distillation by steam distillation of flowering tops of water, this oil is used here for its repellent different pests but also for its anti-inflammatory, sedative and calming.
  • Excipient: alcohol
  • Use

    Apply a few drops (depending on the weight of the animal) on the back.


    Neem Oil, Essential oils of Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Geranium and Lavender, Alcohol.

    Special precautions

    This product is not a drug.


    Bottle (20 ml)

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    This website contains a significant amount of informations. It is not a medical website. The exempted reflections, cannot in no case to replace a consultation in a doctor or a therapeutist that it returns to you to contact for your follow-up.


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