Optigem drops, 10 ml

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Optigem eye drops is ideal to quickly relieve dry and tired eyes.

On stock

Optigem eye drops is ideal to quickly relieve dry and tired eyes.

For the comfort of eyes
Optigem comfort is an eye drop that provides fast relief from sensitive eyes, dry or tired. It relieves your eyes from sun damage, computer screens, air conditioning and air pollution (smoke, ...). It also lubricates the contact lenses.
This ophthalmic water, obtained by dilution of cornflower according to an old formula forms a protective layer on the surface of the eye preventing dryness and eye irritation.


  • eyestrain
  • Dry eye
  • lubrication of contact lenses
  • irritations
  • inflammation of the conjunctiva


2 to 3 drops in the inner corner of the eye several times a day.


  • Used on the eye contour, Optigem exerts a refreshing and anti-fatigue action.
  • Applied before going to sleep, Optigem promotes cell reconstruction overnight.

Special precautions

After opening, keeps in the fridge for a month.


  • Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), used in folk medicine for centuries, and whose regular use has earned it the name of "brown glasses"
  • spring water
100% natural eye drops


10 ml bottle
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