MEMOGEM (Memory Complex) BIO, 15 ml

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This complex stimulates memory and concentration and increases resistance to fatigue.

On stock

This complex stimulates memory and concentration and increases resistance to fatigue.

Energy and vitality
MEMOGEM stimulates memory, concentration and increases the fatigue strength through the vitalizing action of the rosemary sapling. The beneficial effect on cerebral circulation is provided by the Association of alder buds and olive.


  • Stimulates memory and concentration.
  • Preserves intellectual tone.
  • Increases resistance to fatigue.


  • Rosemary bud has a revitalizing action.
  • The alder bud traffic thins. It works in the fatigue and failure of cerebral circulation, common among people aged brain. An alder cure enhances intellectual performance and stimulates attention.
  • The olive bud has a beneficial effect on cerebral circulation.


5 to 15 drops per day in the morning, pure (hold 20 seconds in the mouth on the tongue) or diluted in a little water, or even better diluted in a tablespoon DEPURASEVE , all in bottled water 1 L. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase until the desired effect.In cure, 3 weeks of daily use, then one week off for 3 months.In maintenance, one week per month.

Possible association

It is always better to associate the DEPURASEVE , it allows the elimination of toxins in the body and remineralization of it.
Other possible combinations:
  • Cordiagem (traffic complex)
  • VENAGEM (heavy legs complex)


Alder buds (Alnus Glutinosa), young shoots olive (Olea Europaea) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), alcohol (35%), water, vegetable glycerin.
Ingredients from organic farming.


(Formerly: MEMOBASE / Gemmobase)
15 ml bottle
Organic Farming Label

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