DEPURASEVE (birch sap) BIO, 250 ml

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To drain and purify your body, strengthen your immune system, eliminate toxins, take a birch sap Herbalgem of cure with DEPURASEVE.

On stock

To drain and purify your body, strengthen your immune system, eliminate toxins, take a birch sap Herbalgem of cure with DEPURASEVE.

Drink and really eliminate!
To drain the body effectively and regenerate the body, disposal systems must be in good condition.DEPURASEVE actually helps stimulate elimination pathways and deep cleanse the body of waste and toxins (drug residues, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, ...) accumulated. This sap enriched buds of birch and black currant also improves joint flexibility and fights fatigue by its tonic action.This living biological water perfectly accompanies dieting.


  • maintains the organs of elimination (liver, urinary tract, skin) in good condition
  • regenerates the body
  • joint flexibility
  • bracing
  • strengthens the immune system


  • Birch sap harvested only in spring birch sap cleanses the body of waste and toxins accumulated over time. By passing through the tree, the sap is energized and is responsible for minerals. It is a living biological water that will regenerate the body. It works for centuries as a depurative for the various overloads the body and skin problems.
  • Birch bud: it reinforces the drainage action and accelerates the elimination of organic waste.
  • blackcurrant buds, which exerts a tonic very revitalizing and fight against fatigue. Currants relieves symptoms triggered by the presence of pollen in the air. In conjunction with the action of manganese in the sap, it calms joint pain and improves flexibility of the body. The blackcurrant bud is not the major component of DEPURASEVE, it can be safely given to a person with hypertension.


Adult:1 tablespoon daily in the morning is enough to get in-depth action, pure or diluted in a glass of water, or even in 1 liter of water to drink throughout the day, before 16h. For optimal effect, a course of 3 weeks DEPURASEVE (or 1 250 ml bottle) is requiredThe DEPURASEVE will keep for several months provided that it remains protected from light (in packaging) and away from heat sources, at room temperature.


  • For added effect, this treatment can be repeated three times with a week of downtime between each shot.
  • Birch sap cure is to be taken seasonally in the autumn to strengthen the immune system and in the spring to eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter.
  • It can also be taken into maintenance at the rate of one week per month or more continuously when taking medicines to suppress their side effects.
  • DEPURASEVE is the ideal first step in any dieting. Then associate the CELLUSEVE and Celluligem that promote weight loss and cellulite removal.

Possible association

Depuragem (detoxing complex), ARTIGEM (anti-osteoarthritis complex), SINUGEM (complex to respiratory system), CHOLESTEGEM (anti-cholesterol complex), Immunogem (immune complex), VENAGEM (heavy legs complex).


250 ml bottle
Organic Farming Label

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