Linden (Tilia tomentosa) bud BIO, 50 ml

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Soothing, linden bud Herbalgem helps restore restful sleep and relieve anxiety.

On stock

Soothing, linden bud Herbalgem helps restore restful sleep and relieve anxiety.

Linden bud: Naturally soothing
Well known for its calming action, linden bud Herbalgem promotes and increases sleep duration, especially in children.
Linden bud has both the properties of the flower and sapwood, fine example of the versatility of the bud compared to differentiated organs and specialized in a specific function.


The glycerine macerate linden buds:
  • Reduces irritability and restlessness (calming)
  • Promotes and enhances the quality of sleep, especially in children.
  • Decreases anxiety and anxiety.
  • Drains the body.


Linden bud Herbalgem also available in bottle 15 ml .


5-15 linden bud drops daily, between meals, pure or diluted in source water, or better yet, diluted in a tablespoon DEPURASEVE , all in a ¾ bottle of water The drink throughout the day. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase until the desired effect.In cure, 3 weeks of daily use, then one week off for 3 months.In maintenance, one week per month.

Possible association

It is always better to associate the Linden macerate at DEPURASEVE , it allows the elimination of toxins in the body and remineralization of it.It is found in lime tree bud:
GEM (complex sleep)


Tilia tomentosa, bud extract
Linden buds *, * alcohol (35%), water, vegetable glycerin.
* Ingredients from organic farming.


50 ml bottle
Organic Farming Label

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