Stabilium 200, 90 capsules

from Yalacta
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Stabilium 200 is a food supplement containing Garum armoricum and of B6 vitamin which contributes to stimulate the intellectual abilities and the memory.

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Memory - Concentration - psycho-emotional Balance

With small amount, the stress is positive and allows a renewal of energy. But sometimes it settles and becomes chronic. Do you have the feeling that you have need for a pause? Stabilium 200 is a food supplement intended to support psycho-emotional balance.

GARUM ARMORICUM® is a fish hydrolysat, composed of amino-acids and concentrated in oligopeptides easily assimilable. In the food supplement Stabilium® 200, it is combined with B6 vitamin, which contributes to:
  • reduce tiredness,
to *support the normal psychological job functions like the memory, the concentration and faculties of reasoning.


  • In phase activates : to take 2 capsules morning and evening, 30 minutes before the meals, to swallow with a little water, during 6 weeks.
  • In phase of maintenance : to take 2 to 3 capsules per day according to your personal balance.


These some releasing consultings can be applied daily to stimulate your memory and to support your concentration:
- Made board games in family or between friends,
- Made exercises of breathing when you feel the need,
- Practice a regular physical-activity,
- From time to time, ridges a pause, you disconnect and close the eyes.


Fish gelatin, stabilizing: vegetable glycerin, GARUM ARMORICUM® (fish hydrolysat): 27%, sunflower seed oil, agent of coating: shellac, emulsifier: lecithin of soya, fish oil, stabilizing: monostearate of glycerol, vitamin B6 (pyridoxin hydrochlorate), antioxydant: tocopherols, natural, vitamin A (palmitate of rétinol).

Special precautions

Not to exceed the amount by day recommended.


Box of 90 capsules.

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