Organic silicon, 500 ml

from Diet Horizon
Victim of his own success

Silicium Organic of Diet Horizon is concentrated in the form of acid silicilic. This liquid silicon is reinforced by Horsetail of the fields

Victim of his own success

organic Silicon in monomeric form

Silicon is an element of the living matter like hydrogen, carbon or oxygen. Each one has with its birth a “silicon capital” which plays a fundamental role in the constitution of the organization (skin, muscles, cartilages, skeleton, nails, hair). Nevertheless, this capital is reduced unrelentingly over the years.


To consume the morning preferably, on a empty stomach.
To agitate well before employment.
  • The first 15 days: 30ml/day (see gradation on the measuring cap)
  • In maintenance: 15ml/day
Program one month per bottle.


Composition for 30 ml:
- acid silicic (bringing 26 silicon Mg): 87.6 mg
- horsetail of the fields (Equisetum arvense): 2.25 Mg


Purified, Acid water silicic, Horsetail of the fields (Equisetum arvense), Flavors, conservative: phosphoric acid.Guaranteed without paraben

Special precautions

- Not to exceed the amount by day recommanded.
- Not to use in the children of less than 3 years.
- Pregnant women or nursing, to ask consulting to your doctor.
- Not to drink at the bottle.
- Not to expose to the sun.


Bottle of 500 ml with measuring cap
Diet Horizon

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