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Emma's Trends is a French brand founded by Emma, 40 years old and mother of 3 children, who wanted to create simple products to integrate ecology into our daily lives . His statement: "We do not need to look very serious to do simple and effective things."

Specifically, Emma's trends are three ranges of products designed to reduce our consumption of disposable cotton products to replace them with more economical and ecological alternatives :
• "Eco Belle" to replace the disposable make-up cottons,
• "Eco Chou" to replace disposable baby cottons and wipes,
• "Eco Net" to replace the paper towel in the kitchen.

Indeed, the conventional cotton crop is the most polluting in the world (pesticides) and all these used cottons and wipes represent in the end a phenomenal amount of waste .

Bonus: By choosing the reusable and washable items from Emma's Trends, you're also good at your budget!

Today, Emma's Trends has gone from the pretty idea of a mom to a real team who, every day, commits to:
1 / Propose products that change a more sustainable mode of consumption
2 / Build a more responsible and fairer economic world.
3 / A responsible and ethical production of textiles: manufactured, packaged and sometimes sent by a prison and an ESAT, they allow the reintegration.
4 / Authenticity: Sincerity and transparency are the key values of Emma's Trends, with her clients and business partners.
5 / Expertise: Emma's Trends are always on the lookout to offer the best to her clients and to act sensibly.

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