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Cultivating quality: from the beginning, a top priority

It has been 20 years since Sylviane and Patrick Denis made Aloe Vera a real passion.

In the 90s, they both work for a major Spanish company, specializing in the cultivation and processing of Aloe Vera . On their impulse, begin research to develop an aloe vera juice and natural cosmetics based on aloe vera . At the time, we do not talk about organic yet.

When the president disappears whose family does not want to continue the activity, Patrick and Sylviane team up with a planter and continue to finance the research. It is not only about cultivating organic but also to set up new manufacturing techniques that guarantee the integrity of the properties of the fresh aloe vera and the maximum efficiency of the product.

In 2002, Sylviane and Patrick created the NaturAloé brand , a pioneer company in its field.

The pure fresh juice of aloe vera that they propose is a native juice and 100% natural, fruit of an artisanal culture and a mainly manual transformation . Both certified organic .

The NaturAloé brand distinguishes itself by its following values: no reconstitution, dehydration and rehydration, freezing (characteristics of distant productions) or filtering on activated carbons which alter the active ones of the plant.

Aloe vera NaturAloé is produced in the very heart of their plantation, in Andalusia, in a preserved environment, emblem of the brand. The key ingredient in the NaturAloé cosmetic range for sensitive and reactive skin .

Pure aloe vera juice is certified organic by Ecocert France¨ : a biological certification body approved by the public authorities. This certification goes through an annual control and unannounced inspections in the field. It must be renewed every year.

NaturAloé cosmetics are also certified by Ecocert greenlife and labeled Cosmébio .

For maximum efficiency they are 100% natural .

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