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The Catalyons laboratory was founded by Raymond Valtat, a polytechnic researcher specializing in physics and chemistry, in 1960. He developed the Catalyons in 1960, during his research to help his wife who suffered from liver cancer.

The Catalyons (contraction of the words "catalysts" and "ionized") are solutions obtained by electrolysis , a physical process inspired by nature. This method allows a dissolution of the pure metal in purified and dynamized water. This patented process allows you to offer your body trace elements of high quality in a perfectly assimilable form.

Zinc, silicon, magnesium ... The trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However our lifestyle, fatigue or stress can cause deficiencies. The intake of trace elements at low doses improves the overall condition gently, and upstream, prevents imbalances by their mere presence.

Now run by the granddaughters of Raymont Valtat, the French laboratory Catalyons is a family business that offers a wide range of more than 70 products, including complexes and specialties. For its catalysts, the laboratory uses purified water and metals of pharmaceutical quality and very high purity (99.9%). All Catalyons products are subject to strict quality controls to offer you the best guarantees.

Aimed at the child, the adult, the elderly, or even your pet, Catalyon ionized trace elements have the advantage of being in a fully bioassimilable form , and are preservative-free, alcohol-free, lactose free, paraben free, sulphite free, bisphenol free, phthalate free and toxic metal free (Antimony, Lead ...).

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