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Acorelle was born in 2005 in a small village in the south-west of France and became in a few years a specialist in organic and natural beauty.

Acorelle products are developed in a reasoned and sensible way by selecting resources and close industrial partners, in order to favor the activity of the Lot et Garonne region.

Today, Acorelle is particularly well-known in the field of natural and organic hair removal, for which the company is behind several innovations such as patented complexes Essentiel Epil ™ with black truffle extract which hair regrowth and VedaCalm , a recipe inspired by Ayurvedic medicine that combines three vegetable oils with soothing and moisturizing powers to protect the skin.

The name "ACORELLE" comes from the contraction of three terms that represent the pillars of the brand:
* Aromatherapy : each formulation draws on the power of essential oils,
* Body : Acorelle's mission is to help women live in harmony with their bodies,
* Elle : Acorelle responds to the specific issues of women.

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