Lotion of the Empress - Floral Tonic - Best before 12/2019 BIO, 200 ml

from Berthe Guilhem
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This lotion is formulated without alcohol, soothes and tones the epidermis, wakes up the glow of the complexion gently and perfect cleansing.

Empress lotion: tonic floral face

The lotion of the Empress formulated without alcohol, soothes and tones the epidermis, wakes the radiance of the complexion gently and perfect cleansing.

Made from organic floral waters of noble chamomile, damask rose and witch hazel, it softens the skin and refreshes it. Alpine goat's milk proteins, powerful moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, bring tonicity and firmness to the skin.


Handcrafted with craftsmanship, all Berthe Guilhem cosmetics are part of a flawless and uncompromising ecological approach. They are made exclusively from certified organic and noble vegetable oils, organic floral waters, organic fruit waters and of course fresh organic goat milk.


The exceptional properties of goat milk was touted from the twelfth century by Hildegard of Bingen. Appreciated by Cleopatra and Empress Elisabeth II of Austria, Sissi, goat's milk has a remarkable moisturizing and anti-free radical power.
Care of fragile epidermis par excellence, goat's milk is characterized by a high content of:
  • Amino acids, content comparable to breast milk protein
  • Vitamin A in its most active form: Pro-Vitamin A or Retinol
  • Co-enzyme Q10: antioxidant vitamin that fights cell and skin aging, restores the epidermis by giving it suppleness and elasticity
  • Fatty acids , for their moisturizing power and their anti-bacterial properties that affect the pH of the skin by keeping it at equilibrium.


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  • Organic floral water of noble chamomile: soothes the tugging, sensations of discomfort and does good to your skin, even sensitive and fragile.
  • Organic damask rose floral water: regenerates and stimulates the vital energy of your skin.
  • Organic witch hazel floral water: soothes skin inflammation and relieves irritated and redness-prone skin.
  • Alpine goat's milk: moisturizing and nourishing, brings tonicity and firmness to the skin.


After removing make-up, apply the lotion to your face with a cotton pad.
In the morning, gently apply the lotion to illuminate the complexion, the skin is soothed, radiant and perfectly prepared to receive the following care. The epidermis is awake gently.


Anthemis nobilis * (camomile infusion), rosa damascena flower water *, anthemis nobilis water *, hamamelis virginiana leaf water * (water flower witch hazel), goat milk * goat), sodium benzoate.
 * Ingredients from organic farming

95% of the ingredients are of natural origin and come from organic farming.


Aluminum bottle (200 ml)
Berthe Guilhem

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