Herb tea of festivals BIO, 18 sachets

from Aromandise
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All savors of the festivals of end of the year joined together in only one box. This festive herb tea selection will charm your papillae.

Herb teas with the festive flavors: pleasure of choosing

The festivals of end of the year are often associated with particular flavors like orange, cinnamon,…
Find in this set 6 better herb teas of festival of Aromandise:

  • Herb tea Mint-Liquorice : this amusing duet is enriched by spiced and flowered notes. He appreciates himself in all seasons, after the meals or out of soft drink of the morning or the afternoon.
  • Herb Tea Orange-Ginnamon : its inimitable perfume of Christmas is appreciated all the year.
  • Herb tea Strawberry-Hibiscus : rebukes, this herb tea contributes to vitality. The hibiscus helps to feel more energetic. The fruity taste of this infusion is appreciated by the children from 3 to 103 years.
  • Herb tea Ginger-Lemon : original and generous, this herb tea helps you to fill the tank with energy. The ginger has invigorating properties and helps to resist tiredness.
  • wild Herb tea Thyme of the garrigues and Verveine : the wild thyme collected with the sickle is gorged with essential oil which gives him are single and powerful taste. Its alliance with vervain confers on this herb tea a note of softness and freshness.
  • Herb tea Sheets of Olivier-Lemon grass: plant with the remarkable virtues, the sheets of olive-tree contribute to the maintenance of a normal blood pressure and increase the physiological resistance of the organization in wintry time. This herb tea offers of them all the benefits in a delicious and refreshing receipt to you.


To let infuse a herb tea bag during 5 minutes in 200 ml of water heated into 95°C.


  • Herb Tea Menthe-Liquorice: lemon grass of Java*, pepper mint* (26%), blackberry sheets*, cardamome*, liquorice* (7%), bleuet*, petals of rose*.
  • Herb Tea Orange-Cinnamon: pieces of apple*, hibiscus* fruits of the wild rose*, cinnamon* (15%), pear*, quince*, zest of orange* (4%), nails of cloves*, extracted from vanilla*.
  • Tisane Fraise-Hibiscus: fruit of the wild rose*, hibiscus* (30%, 0.6 g/bag), zest of orange*, pieces of apple*, strawberry* (1%), flavor of strawberry* (1%)
  • Tisane Ginger-Lemon: ginger* (25%, 1.8 g/sachet), lemon grass*, liquorice*, zest of lemon* (12%), black pepper*, pepper mint*, hibiscus*. Contains Liquorice. The people suffering from hypertension must avoid any excessive consumption.
  • Tisane wild Thyme of the garrigues and Vervain: thyme* (86% - thyme with fresh and prickly thymol and thyme with carvacrol peppered and soft), essential oil crystals of vervain* (14% - powder of sisal plant tequilana*, essential vervain exotic oil* 4%, powder of vervain* 1%).
  • Herb Tea Sheet of Olivier-lemon grass: lemongrass* (38%), sheets of olivie* (35%, 0.35 g/bag - olea europaea, area of Castilla-La-Mancha), small pimprenelle*, vervain lemon flavoured*, zest of lemon*, pieces of lemon*.


3 X 6 bags in one limp out of paperboard.

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