The plants that heal, part

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This book invites you to discover the secrets of herbal medicine. Enjoy all the benefits of plants with this simple and practical guide.

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A simple guide to mastering all the secrets of herbal medicine

This new illustrated edition is the essential way to use plants for all those who choose to look after themselves.

Long used by popular tradition, plants are now recognized by science for their therapeutic virtues. Did you know, for example, that hops help you fall asleep? What is nettle an excellent ally of your health? What is bamboo the best cure for back pain?

This book contains:
  • From A as Achilles to Y as Yam, the ABC of the best plants to heal.
  • Digestion, tone, allergies ... How to make plants your allies against the ills of everyday life.
  • Herbal teas, capsules, light bulbs, ... Learn how to choose the mode of use that suits you.
  • How to recognize plants and where to get them.
  • What you need to know about their contraindications and precautions for use.

The author : Sophie Lacoste, editor-in-chief of Rebelle-Santé magazine, has also been the health editor of TV Magazine for more than 20 years and is particularly interested in natural remedies. She is already the author of many books on this theme: "Food that heals", "Tips and health tips", "Plants that heal".

Sophie Lacoste, "A clean house, it's smart", Editions Leduc. s, 509 pages.
Size of the book: approximately 17.7 cm x 11 cm.

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