Plant proteins of Chanve - Flavor Cocoa BIO, 400 g

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Until 04/10/2020

Tasty and rich in proteins, this protein powder association of chanve believed and cocoa is appropriate for the crudivores, to the vegetarians and vegan and to any person who wishes to consume plant proteins.

On stock
Until 04/10/2020

Powder of proteins of chanve raw and organic

This powder contains plant protein 50% resulting from the chanve .
You will appreciate his natural cocoa taste.
A portion brings on average 14.76 G of proteins to you.

Chanve is one of the most complete and consumable plants in the world and is naturally rich in essential proteins, amino-acids, phytonutriments and omega 3. The protein powder of chanve is produced by cold pressing of peeled seeds. This grinding guarantees a powder without chemical processing nor additives. The essential fatty-acids of the chanve are important, in particular for the growth and the development of the children, as to preserve the muscles and mobility during ageing.

The protein powder of Chanve is an excellent source of proteins for the vegan ones, the vegetarians, the crudivores, the sportsmen as with any person who prefers plant proteins.


Les proteins of chanve is ideal for:
- vegetarians and the vegan ones,
- children and students,
- followers of believed food,
- any person who wishes to increase her consumption in proteins.
This mixture is ideal to mix with flour to prepare receipts of kitchen.


The company of today is confronted with problems as regards consumption of animal products, which explains the increasing development of sources of plant proteins. The biological plant proteins are healthy, nutritive food and digestes which contain neither antibiotic, neither hormones, nor cholesterol and do not impose any constraint on the body. To choose a feeding vegetarian in addition makes it possible to reduce our borrows ecological.


This mixture of proteins makes it possible to enrich your receipts by kitchen (ex: bread, pastry makings…). For that, add to your suitability 1 to 2 mesurettes with your plats.
To prepare a protein drink: mix 1 mesurette and half (30-35g) of protein powder with 300-350 ml of liquid (milk, vegetable milk, fruit juice, smoothie). Mix during 15 seconds with the shaker or mixing and drink immediately.


Powders proteins of chanve*, powder of cacao*, sugar of flower of coco*, salt of the Himalayas.
*produit resulting from the organic farming.

Without THC (chemical substances resulting from the herbaceous plant of the family of Cannabaceae).
Vegan, gluten-free, without lactose, soja.
Guaranteed kosher and without GMO.

Nutritional value averages for 100g:energy *valor: 1339.66 kJ/338.51 kcalfatty *fat content: 10,40g
  • glucids: 9,43g
  • fibers: 20,77g
  • proteins: 44,29g
  • salt: 1,02g
  • potassium: 1401 Mg (70,1%*)
  • calcium: 156.90 Mg (19,6%*)
  • phosphore: 1547.50 Mg (221%*)
  • magnesium: 662 Mg (176,5%*)
  • fer: 21.66 Mg (154,7%*)
  • zinc: 10.65 Mg (106,5%*)
  • cuivre: 2.13 Mg (213%*)
  • manganèse: 12.30 Mg (615%*)
  • alanine: 1,59g
  • arginine: 4,36g
  • aspartic acid: 3,74g
  • cystine: 0,71g
  • glutamic acid: 6,84g
  • glycine: 1,65g
  • histidine: 1g
  • isoleucine: 1,41g
  • leucine: 2,49g
  • lysine: 1,39g
  • methionine: 0,92g
  • phenylalanine: 1,70g
  • proline: 1,39g
  • serine: 1,88g
  • threonine: 1,30g
  • tryptophane: 0,31g
  • tyrosine: 1,16g
  • valine: 1,80g
*Apport of Reference for a adult-type.


Box 400g

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