Fondant balm goat's milk BIO, 150 ml

Berthe Guilhem
Fondant balm goat's milk BIO, 150 ml -20%
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Nourishes and softens dry and roughened areas of the body (hands, heels ...)

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Qty left : 1

Nourishes and softens

This melting balm goat milk lpine A is made by hand by craftsmen in Midi-Pyrénées in the laboratory Berthe Guilhem.

Traditionally used by gardeners, this balm has been specially designed to regenerate all the dry areas of the body (hands dry and damaged, crevices, cracks, calluses, heels, elbows).


Durably nourishes your skin.


This balm can also be used as a hair protective agent.
It nourishes the hair, restores suppleness and vitality.


Take the amount of a hazelnut and only apply morning and / or evening on dry sones body.


Shea Butter BIO, BIO Evening primrose oil, goat milk Alpine BIO, BIO essential oil of palmarosa.
This product is 100% organic, certified by QUALITE FRANCE and the COSMEBIO charter.


Glass jar 150ml
Berthe Guilhem

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