EMERGENCY Bach Flowers No. 39 (Day / Night sweets), 44 g

from Lemon pharma
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Let go and let the Bach flowers get rid of the stress of the day: the Day and Night sweets are your allies for a more zen daily.

On stock

Your DAY & NIGHT Bach flowers gathered in one box

These DAY / NIGHT anti-stress dragees are formulated with Bach flowers selected according to Dr. Bach's original method.

DAY (lemon flavored) sweets help you deal with the stress of the day, stay calm and focused without being overwhelmed by daily tensions.
NUIT dragees (blackcurrant flavor) help you to relax and soothe the whirlpool of your thoughts, to better sleep.

Thanks to their pocket-sized box, Urgence pills accompany you throughout the day and are easy to dose thanks to their easy dispensing system.

Did you know? Emergency No. 39 tablets contain pantothenic vitamin B acid, biotin and niacin, which are important for the proper functioning of the nervous system and mental performance. They also contain zinc: it is a trace element that plays an important role for all neurological functions.


The Bach flowers contained in the dragees correspond to the original recipe of Dr. Bach:
  • Emergency mix n ° 39 DAY: star of Bethlehem, cherry plum, pink rock, impatiens and Clematis.
  • Emergency mix n ° 39 NIGHT: star of Bethlehem, cherry plum, pink rock, impatiens, Clematis and white chestnut.


Discover the benefits of Bach flowers EMERGENCIES:
- Star of Bethlehem: flower of inner peace, "I breathe deeply, I let go and I feel free".
- Cherry plum: flower of relaxation, "I am calm, I take things as they come".
- Clematis: flower of vivacity of mind, "I am alert, focused and attentive".
- Pink rock: flower of the inner strength, "I take courage, I take confidence in myself".
- Impatiens: flower of inner calm, "I take my time, I am patient and relaxed".
- White chestnut: "I calm down, I refocus, my mind is clear".


It is recommended to take 4 dragees throughout the day.


Sugar, glucose syrup, thickener: gum arabic, acidity regulator: citric acid, rice starch, flavorings, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, dyes: curcumin (DOLL sweets), vegetable carbon (NIGHT dragees), extracts of Bach flowers, enamelling agent: carnauba wax.

Nutritional values per 100 g :
  • energy: 1670 kJ / 393 kcal
  • fat: <0.5 g
  • carbohydrates: 98 g
  • protein: <0.5 g
  • salt: <0.05 g

The recommended daily dose (4 dragees) brings you :
- zinc: 3.48 mg (19.6% VNR *)
Niacin: 2.40 mg (15% VNR *)
- Pantothenic acid: 0.90 mg (15% VNR *)
- Biotin: 7.50 μg (15% VNR *)
 * VNR = Nutrient reference values.

Special precautions

Keep out of reach of young children.
May have laxative effects in case of excessive consumption.


Box of 44 g (about 104 tablets).

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