Silicon organics 100% natural, 1 L

from Aquasilice
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This drinkable silicon 100% naturalness comes from vegetable sources (bamboo, nettle, queen of the meadows). It contributes to the good quality of conjunctive fabrics (articulations), of the skin, the nails and the hair.

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organic Silicon resulting from vegetable source

Silicon 100% natural of AQUASILICE is resulting from vegetable source . It comes from extracts of plants such as the starts-up of bamboo which represent a natural source of silicon. It does not contain silicon, silicon dioxide nor of synthese.

Silicon organics 100% natural supports a clear skin as well as the good quality of the nails and the hair. It also contributes to the formation of conjunctive fabrics and a solid framework.

Drinkable silicon with the natural blackcurrant flavor for a more pleasant use.


Silicon 100% natural AQUASILICE contains in particular:
  • Nettle : admitted to contribute to reinforce the nails and the hair, it supports a clear skin and helps the skins with problem.
  • Manganese : contribute to the normal formation of conjunctive fabrics, in particular to the level of the cartilage and bone, and takes part in the maintenance of a solid framework.

To agitate the bottle before use (the presence of a sedimentation is normal).
To take 2 cups of 25 ml of Silicon by day.
Not to drink with the neck of the bottle. To use the graduated measuring cap clipsé on the bottle.


Dosage for 50 ml (2 cups) :
- Dry Extract of bamboo: 132.5 Mg (of which silica: 99.4 Mg/of which silicon: 46.5 Mg)
- Dry Extract of nettle: 125 mg
- Extract of queen of the meadows: 100 mg
- Blackcurrant Extract: 50 mg
- Manganese: 2 Mg (that is to say 100% of the VNR*)
*VNR = Nutritional Values of Reference.


Instigated osmosee water; dry extract of start-up of bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea) titrated with silica 75%; dry extract of sheet of nettle (Urtica dioica); aqueous extract of flowered celebrity of queen of the meadows (Filipendula ulmaria); aqueous extract of blackcurrant sheet (Ribes nigrum); acidifier: acid citric; conservatives: benzoate of sodium, potassium sorbate; manganese gluconate; flavor: blackcurrant of natural origin.

Ingredients without any animal source.
Without paraben.

Special precautions

Disadvised with the people suffering from allergy to the derivatives salicyles.
To preserve safe from heat.


Bottle of 1 L with measuring cap.

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