Feminaissance - Easing of perineum BIO, 30 ml

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Complex vegetable oils and essential oils for use in massage to relax the perineum.

Complex vegetable oils and essential oils for use in massage to relax the perineum.

Softening massages
At the time of the ’ childbirth, the skin of périnée must ’ adapt to strong constraints of ’ stretching.A regular massage with this oily preparation as of the 34th week of pregnancy is recommended so ’ to soften the skin and ’ to optimize its elasticity.A treasure for more ’ elasticity.


To mass the zone périnéale with a few drops of the oily preparation as of the 34th week of pregnancy, 1 to 2 times per day.


Essential and vegetable oils 100% biological:
  • Rich and complete vegetable oils which soften the skin: Sesame, Macadamia and Argan
  • Noble vegetable oils which restructure and support the cutaneous metabolism: Onager, Musk rose of Chile, Arnica and Calophylle.
  • Pure and natural oils essential, source of relieving and wellness olfactive and elasticity périnéale: True Lavender, bois de rose, Ylang-ylang, ladanum-bearing Cistus, Niaouli, exotic Basil.
ECO: Product certified in accordance with specifications ECOGARANTIE (Certisys Control)

Special precautions

  • To hold out of reach young children.
  • To avoid the contact with the eyes (in the event of accidental contact, to rinse abundantly with the ’ water).


Bottle of 30ml
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