Chun Cha - Grand Cru Green Tea BIO, 90 sachets

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Grand Cru green tea, tea Chun Cha Tea Pagoda has antioxidant properties that help fight against cellular aging.

Chun Cha: antioxidant tea

This grand cru green tea is grown and harvested according to ancestral know-how. It combines a subtle flavor, a sweet and round taste in the mouth, and many virtues thanks to the antioxidants it contains. He is particularly an exceptional slimming ally .


Legend has it that in Zhejiang, the region of China's great green tea, there was a garden like no other. The peace that reigned there, and the beauty of the flowers and the trees which grew there, were incomparable. But to reach this little paradise, it was necessary to have a perfectly pure soul, because the garden and its tea-trees remained hidden with the common people. Only a young girl with an alabaster complexion and immaculate soul reached this haven of peace and drank an exquisite green tea, the Chun Cha . At sunset, she left the garden and never found it ... But she remembered all her life this precious and magical moment.

Today, the Teas of the Pagoda restore to you the benefits of Chun Cha tea, which in Mandarin means "tea of purity".


Infuse for 4 minutes in 250 ml of au at 70 ° C. Drink hot tea until early afternoon.


100% organic Chinese tea: green tea, jasmine tea, Pu erh tea.


90 tea bags without labels or strings.
Teas of the Pagoda

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