Capligne 3 in 1 BIO, 500 ml

from Dietaroma
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Qty left : 1

Dietaroma's BioLine CapLigne combines green tea, meadowsweet, fennel and other herbal extracts in a 3-in-1 slimming formula that promotes elimination, fat burning and digestion.

Qty left : 1
Qty left : 1

Capligne is the "all in one" solution that accompanies you towards your slimming goal, both in the attack and stabilization phase.

Capligne 3 in 1 contributes to:
  • Eliminate and drain with meadowsweet and pilosella
  • Burn fat with green tea
  • Digest with fennel

A bottle of Capligne with natural cherry and cassis flavors allows you to take 7 days of intensive treatment followed by 15 days of maintenance.


Take 30 ml of Capligne for 7 days, then 15 ml daily for 15 days.
To be diluted in a large glass of water.
Take not recommended outside meals.


Aqueous extract of: queen of flowering meadows * (Filipendula ulmaria), green tea leaves * (Camellia sinensis), coriander fruit * (Coriandrum sativum), pilosella plant * (Hieracium pilosella), fennel fruit * (Foeniculum vulgare), root chicory * (Cichorium intybus), pineapple fruit * (Pineapple comosus), glycerin, acidifier: citric acid, natural cherry flavor, natural blackcurrant flavor, natural aroma of lemon essential oil * (Citrus limon).
 * ingredients from organic farming.

Ingredients per daily dose of 15 ml :
  • Meadowsweet: 577 mg
  • green tea: 519 mg
  • coriander: 346 mg
  • piloselle: 346 mg
  • chicory: 173 mg
  • fennel: 173 mg
  • pineapple: 115 mg

Special precautions

Consumption not recommended for children, adolescents, pregnant or lactating women and people allergic to salicylates.


Bottle of 500 ml.

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