Shampoo-Shower Bee (honey and black propolis) BIO, 500 ml

from Ballot-flurin
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This shampoo 3-in-1 with honey and propolis is suitable for the whole family (face, body and hair). Very practical, it foams well and rinses easily.

Coming on stock

This shampoo 3-in-1 with honey and propolis is suitable for the whole family (face, body, hair). Very practical, it foams well and rinses easily.

Shampoo / shower for hygiene "all terrain" perfect
Shampoo-Shower Bee with wild honey and black propolis is the ideal daily care for the entire family (suitable for children over 36 months).
Its mission:Naturally gentle and purifying, this treatment 3-in-1 cleanses, invigorates the hair and cleans the skin gently for a complete hygiene of working families.
Designed for improved hygiene, it is ideal in the context of sports, full days or intense sweating.The concentrated extract of propolis biological black Pyrenees (1%) has a purifying action for personal hygiene, juvenile skin, perspiration and the scalp. It also stimulates circulation in case of heavy legs.
It is suitable for all skin and hair. Its fine mousse, pleasant and subtle adapts perfectly to the bath.
His history:"I designed this super natural shampoo practice time as a young mother, I was looking for a natural way to clean up quickly after a long day out in my hives, and which may also be suitable for my 3 little unruly kids, without me to head with more products. I am pleased that today it's your turn make you service "Catherine Ballot-Flurin.
Her secrets:The natural vegetable washing base ensures quality first cleaning. Honeys bio our crops (5%) soothe, cleanse, perfume naturally, for a clean and soft skin (exfoliation). Emotional action of 12 elixirs energized hive invigorates, soothes and balances.


Easy to rinse, this shampoo is intended for frequent use. For efficient and economic use of your product and shower water, wet skin and hair, stop water and then apply a small dab of shampoo shower.Massage gently and firmly, and rinse you relax.


Water source of the Pyrenees, gentle cleansing base in coconut oil and wheat protein, honey from our harvest ° 5%, 1% black propolisAQUA, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE, COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, HONEY , SODIUM LAUROYL Sarcosinate, CERA ALBA, PROPOLIS, ROYAL JELLY , POLLEN, HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, ALCOHOL, CITRIC ACID, dehydroacetic acid, BENZYL ALCOHOL, CARAMEL.
* Ingredients from Organic Farming.
99% of ingredients are of natural origin, of which 6% are from organic farming.Paraben, PEG, silicone, phenoxyethanol or petrochemical derivative or synthetic additives. Scent natural outcome of ingredients.Beekeeping soft, fair and local.Natural color and smell from the ingredients.


500 ml bottle.
Certified Organic Farming, Cosmebio, bee 100% organic materials, soft Apiculture.

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